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What We Feed our Buns

Updated: Feb 7

Researching rabbit diets online gives quite conflicting info! After trial and error, as well as consulting with many long time show breeders along the way we have come up with a diet that does very well for our herd. This is just what we do, in no way shape or form am I saying this is the only way to go! All lines grow and thrive differently so I recommend figuring out whats best for your herd!

Pellets: We have recently made the switch to Kalmbach 16% feed. We were having issues getting fresh enough Blue Seal from tractor supply. In addition, I believe they weren't getting the vitamins displayed on nutritional tag. We had begun to have breeding issues again.

Adult Hollands get 1/2 cup a day

Am. Chins get 1 cup a day

Hay: We feed our rabbits what we are buying for our horses at the time which rotates from straight Timothy, to Orchard/Alfalfa, to Timothy/Alfalfa depending on whats readily available at a good price. I feed our adult rabbits hay a couple times a week and anyone with litters has hay all the time.

Toppers/Supplements: We make "bunny granola" mix and top everyones feed with about a tablespoon a day. Equal parts calf manna, rolled oats, BOSS(black oil sunflower seeds). In the warm months we drop the BOSS because it makes them burn hot. South Florida is hot enough! This mix has done very well for flesh condition as well as beautiful coats.

Fresh veggies/Fruits: I am a big stickler for not giving my rabbits too much. I give as a treat once or twice a week in small amounts. I don't begin giving until they are at least 4 months old. Rabbit gut flora takes a long time to build up and get strong. It's hard on their little tummies to digest raw. Things I give: kale, spinach, swiss chard, parsely, cilantro, green tops off strawberries. Carrots every once in awhile. Anything naturally sweet is not good for them. Also avoid Iceberg Lettuce!

We give pinecones, they love to toss them around and chewing them keeps their teeth naturally worn down.

Every rabbit we sell comes with a bag of transition feed!

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