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Pickle Patch's Beginnings

I decided to write some blog style entries about our rabbits and rabbit raising in general. What a better place to start than our history. I grew up raising Mini Rex and showing them in 4H. We loved our rabbits but I never even knew about ARBA.(American Rabbit Breeders Association)

When Riley was 4 we bought a little bunny at the local livestock auction. When we picked it up we realized it was missing an ear and two feet. This happens sometimes if an over zealous mom cleans her babies a little too well! I don't even remember what his name was, but he didn't last too long as he got out of his cage and well, I won't tell you the rest of the story! haha

After that she was hooked. We decided to pursue some sort of rabbit that she could show in 4H when she turned 5. We did lots of research and decided that Holland Lops seemed like a great choice for kids. A few weeks later we attended a rabbit show and found a long time breeder, Gene Styles, who helped us with our first buck and doe, Pickles and Petunia. Now you can see where our unique rabbitry name came from! We still have Pickles, he is almost 5 now and a happy barn bun.

Riley joined ARBA and the Holland Lop Specialty club and has been showing heavily for two years now. My how our stock has improved! We still have a loooong way to go but have learned so much!

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