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Adding A Second Breed

Why American Chinchillas? We were looking for a dual purpose breed: one that could be raised for showing but also sustainably feed our family. There is quite a few options out there but when I cam across the Am Chins I totally fell in love with their beautiful fur. They are sweet and docile, Riley is able to show them as seniors. They are easy to breed, a breeze compared to Hollands haha.

After asking around I found out there was a breeder in Englewood that had beautiful Chins. He doesn't show a whole lot but breeds to the ARBA Standard and come to find out they live up to their reputation! Tom O'day gave us a great start and picked a beautiful pair for us to start with. We now keep 4-6 adults and a few grow outs. Not near as many as hollands but they take a lot of space and eat a lot of food! So far at this time we don't sell any Chin stock. We are focused on improving our lines internally.


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